PLEXTOM Solutions

We get it.

You want your voice to be heard.
Your services to be known. And your business to grow.

That’s where we come in.
We will help you to shout out from the rooftops.
Well, not literally. But with our expertise in web, printing, IT and translations
we have the resources to get your name out there. Where it matters.
So that you will have customers coming through the door.
After all, that’s what you really need isn’t it?

Plextom Solutions is a full service, IT and Marketing Company
with the sole aim of helping you to get ahead in your industry.

Let’s face it. What do you do when you first hear about a business?
You search online to find out more about it!
So if your name is not online you will miss out.

Plextom is a full solutions company.
We build websites and market it through internet.
We take care of your IT infrastructure.
We do designing and printing,
We do translations,
List your business online and find you customers both online and offline.

We do the whole works, customized to your needs.

Why Choose Us?

With the technical knowhow and the right business acumen, we will make sure your business will achieve its true potential.

• We don’t believe in over the top pricing.

• We love all things technical and are humbly proud of our expertise.

• We are designers through and through.

• We have built a great reputation over the years.

• We deliver on time and within budget every time.

• Last and certainly not least, we don’t lock you in with contracts.

We Transform Ideas to Clients

Advances in technology, from the internet and social networks to mobile phones, have the potential to deliver a meaningful impact on the lives of millions of people, both in the Sri Lanka and across the globe. We will give new ideas to promote your business across the globe with technology as well as other media.


#46/9, Marine City, Ground Floor, Station Road, Dehiwala, 10350, Sri Lanka.


+94 (0) 77 70 73 763
+94 (0) 11 438 60 61